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Stream with Securenet Systems

Our stream hosting, although inexpensive, has limited features and a limited number of listeners available.  If you need more features such as making money with ad insertion, smart phone apps, customized website players, geo-restriction, support for many more listeners, our affiliate Securenet Systems offer these features and many more.

As a special offer for StationPlaylist customers, get 2 free months of stream hosting plus discounted pricing at SecureNet Systems by using this coupon code: STP2FREE

For more details, Contact Diego at or at  954.481.9402  Office Ext 204.  Make sure you mention STP2FREE.

Stream with StationPlaylist

Reliable and affordable live audio stream hosting.  We provide the bandwidth for your listeners to connect and listen to your station, with https SSL secure URL's.  An HTML5 web player is provided showing the song currently playing.

Our Icecast2 (KH) servers are fully compatible with Shoutcast, but with added support for live DJ/automation fallback mounts. Our stream servers have over 99% up time.

Our prices are below the industry standard, with no setup fee, no hidden costs, and no long term contracts.  You may cancel at any time.

Please visit the FAQ for frequently asked questions regarding streaming on the internet.

See our demonstrations streams below.

StationPlaylist Stream Plans
Prices are in USD.

The cost of streaming is based on the bitrate you wish to stream at, and the maximum number of simultaneous listeners you wish to support.

Note that a limit of say 50 listeners will usually result in several hundred listeners over the course of a day, as different listeners come and go.

Please note that the stream bitrate is not related to the bitrate of your audio files.  For more details, see Which bitrate should I choose?

Cost Per Month
32 $14 $19 $24 $29 $34 $39
64 $19 $24 $29 $34 $39 $44
128 $24 $29 $34 $39 $44 $49
192 $29 $34 $39 $44 $49 $54
320 $34 $39 $44 $49 $54 $59

Click a $ price to sign up for a plan, using your credit card or PayPal.

New Zealand customers please contact us before purchase

Please contact us if you have any questions.


MP3 streams should be at least 128k for reasonable sound quality in stereo.

AAC+ streams at 64k sound roughly as good as MP3 at 128k, so can save you money.

AAC+ streams at 32k also sound very good for such a low bitrate.

See Which stream codec should I choose in the FAQ, or try the demonstration streams below.

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Demonstration Streams

We have an automated radio station run by our radio automation software StationPlaylist Studio, streaming in 5 different codecs / bitrates for demonstration purposes.

It is running a 45 minute repeating playlist with a few songs and voice tracks, plus current time and temperature announcements.  We have set the PC to Paris, France for the time and temperature announcements (in Celsius).

Other Players below include VLC, iTunes, Foobar2000, Winamp, XMPlay, Screamer. and others.

Streams Windows
Other Media Players Example
AAC+ stream at 64kb/s
AAC+ stream at 32kb/s
MP3 stream at 128kb/s
MP3 stream at 64kb/s
Ogg Vorbis at 96kb/s
(quality 2).

Note: The voice tracks in the playlist are not pre-mixed with any songs.  Voice track / song ramp overlapping is a feature of StationPlaylist Studio Pro.

The Example Web Players are examples of what you or your website developer could produce for your website.  We do not provide website players as such, but we can provide a basic web page with a basic player like this for an AAC+ or MP3 stream.

You will notice the AAC+ stream at 32k is considerably better than the MP3 stream at 64k.
You may also notice the AAC+ stream at 64k is similar in quality to the MP3 stream at 128k and Ogg Vorbis 96k stream.

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