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Remote Voice Tracker

Remote Voice Tracker enables multiple users to record voice tracks and edit playlists, either located at the station or remotely via the internet. It will upload the voice tracks and modify the playlist logs back at the station.

Voice track recording enables an automated show to sound 100% live when using our Studio Pro automation software.  It takes a fraction of the time compared to producing a live show, by recording voice tracks between the scheduled songs, with full control over outgoing song / vt / incoming song overlapping.

Once a playlist is created for today, tomorrow, or further in the future, the operator can see what songs are selected, and it is as simple as selecting a position between two tracks and clicking Record.

Voice track recording is also a feature of Creator Pro for voice tracking in the studio, however, Remote Voice Tracker may be used in the studio to enable VT recording and playlist editing from additional computers.

Several Playlist Editor features from Creator are available in Remote VT on a user permission basis, including song search/insert.

Note: Remote VT Server requires the same version of Creator and Studio installed.

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Remote Voice Tracker is available in 2 editions.

Pro edition - unlimited users: $199        Standard edition - limited to 5 users:  $129


Two applications are involved.  A VT Server module is purchased and installed at the studio on a computer with Creator also installed.

The VT Editor software is freely available to give to all your DJ's.

The VT Editor looks and works almost identically to the Playlist Editor within Creator.


  • In Manual mode, the operator can hear the outgoing track and determine where to start recording the voice, and when to start the incoming song, exactly like doing a live show.
  • A music bed can be selected and start playing for when no songs are playing.
  • Preview what it will sound like on-air.
  • Individual users may be limited to editing playlists/recording VT's in specific hours of the day and/or days of the week.
  • Individual users may be limited to recording VT's only where VT Markers have been scheduled in the playlist. Otherwise the DJ may record a VT anywhere.
  • Scheduled songs and spots may be moved within the playlist. This may be disabled for individual users.
  • Individual users may be permitted to search the music library, insert and delete tracks in the playlist.
  • Optionally allows users to insert and upload their own songs and jingles.
  • Songs in the playlist may be played in the Track Preview player.
  • Logging of all connections, downloads and uploads.
  • Connections are TLS encrypted for security.
  • Each user may be limited to connections from one IP address for extra security.
  • VT Editor is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. The Android edition has limited features. It does not include listening to outgoing/incoming songs, and only supports Automatic Overlapping of the voice track when the songs have been intro timed. It can preview tracks, insert tracks from the station library, and copy/paste/delete tracks in the existing playlist.

Remote VT Editor Screenshot