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Broadcasting Links

Here are links to 3rd party software and hardware which may be useful for radio and/or internet broadcasters.

StationPlaylist Studio is fully compatible with the D&R Webstation, AirLite and Airence USB ON-AIR radio mixer consoles. Start/stop play, carts, and much more direct from the mixer. Requires a Studio plugin supplied by D&R.  4 channels USB, 3/4 Mic inputs. 2 Telephone Hybrids (Airence).
Prefer to run StationPlaylist in the Cloud? SoundStack are offering Virtual Private Servers (VPS), with StationPlaylist software pre-installed from $16 a month, or install your purchased SPL software yourself.

Enter the Promo Code SPLFREE30DAYS when ordering from their website to get 1 month FREE.

Or order from here using the Go button below.

Select from the following plans.

MOTU Audio Express USB/Firewire soundcard with 2 stereo inputs and outputs.
Streaming and ad delivery services for terrestrial and internet radio stations requiring more features than our own stream hosting service, such as smart phone apps, customized website players, geo-restriction, and many more. Use the coupon STP2FREE for 2 free months.
Use our stream servers combined with for internet radio music royalties for ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN, and SoundExchange for USA listeners without ad insertions and commercials, and with music players. Get it today and play your songs.
Cool Mic Live stream audio captured by your Android device’s microphone or mic/line-in jack to any Icecast2 server. StationPlaylist Studio can play Ogg Vorbis streams thereby enabling outside broadcasts from a smartphone.
Natural Log A complete traffic, billing, and accounts receivable package for Windows, starting at $495.  Fully compatible with StationPlaylist Creator for managing and scheduling commercials, plus reconciliation with StationPlaylist Studio logs.
Commercial scheduling software fully compatible with StationPlaylist Creator from just €75 EUR per year.
A free online tool which creates broadcast reports/affidavits & invoices based on StationPlaylist Studio Pro logs of commercials played. Works with or without AdMaster.
A professional low latency audio processor fully compatible with StationPlaylist Studio as a Winamp DSP plugin.
CDex Free quality CD ripper/encoder.  Transfer music tracks digitally from your CD-ROM drive to WAV, FLAC, OGG Vorbis, or MP3 format.
AudioRanger Automatically looks up all your MP3 tracks in online databases and writes the album names and track numbers to the file tags. Shareware (19).
SPLRename A free StationPlaylist file utility to rename audio files to the "Artist - Title" format based on file tags.  It also can move or copy the files to subfolders based on the genre.  Suitable for organizing your files into separate category folders for scheduling with Creator.  Reads MP3/MP2, MP4/M4A, WAV, FLAC, OGG, and WMA tags.
WinVorbis Our own free Ogg Vorbis encoder/tagger utility.  Encodes from WAV, RAW, AIFF, and APE (Monkey's Audio).  Ogg Vorbis provides much better sound quality audio files than MP3.
Audacity Free open source audio editor and recorder.
Radio Logger Pro Record audio from the soundcard at set times for archival purposes. ($59)
Total Recorder schedules the recording of audio at regular intervals from almost any source, including line input and streamed audio from programs like Windows Media Player.
GETBPM GETBPM is free, and supports scanning MP3 files to determine the beats per minute, and stores this in the ID3 tag. Once BMP is set, specific tempo categories can be configured in Creator.
Pira CZ Silence Detector A freeware application which checks the presence of audio on the soundcard Line-In. If no sound is present for a specified time, pre-defined tasks are executed.
NetTime Free software to synchronize your PC clock with an atomic clock periodically via the internet.
Free Download Manager Automatically download files from a http or ftp site on a schedule like once an hour or several times a day, etc, for news audio files, etc.
AutoFTP Free Schedule downloads and uploads from / to an FTP server.
Free printer driver which lets you "print" from any application directly to a PDF file rather than an actual printer.  Ideal for printing playlists from Creator to PDF.
Contact Closure board designed specifically for Studio 5 Pro. Supports 8 inputs for controlling hardware devices or switches from Studio, and 8 outputs for controlling Studio from hardware devices such as broadcast mixer consoles and satellite receivers.  BT PIP compatible.
Detect up to 18 contact closures and send key codes to the PC via a PS/2 keyboard connector. The VIP-313-DHH1 model ($42) can send letter keys A to F and Enter, which you can define in Studio’s Keyboard Controls options to do whatever you wish, plus numbers 0 to 9 which can trigger Main Carts 13 to 22.
USB digital thermometer for use with Studio Pro.  Display and say the temperature over the air using our temperature files or your own.
Inexpensive and full featured RDS Encoder for FM broadcasting.  Fully compatible with StationPlaylist Studio.
A software RDS and stereo encoder to generate a digital MPX stereo with RDS signal directly from a PC soundcard for FM radio stations!   Requires a 192khz sample rate soundcard.
Broadcasting World offers a comprehensive range of articles, software, and discussion forums for radio and internet broadcasters.
A comprehensive audio related directory.
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