We regularly receive compliments for our software.
Here are just a few unsolicited comments users have sent us.

"There is a stigma that you need to spend two thousand dollars or more for a broadcast playout system, and with the exception of StationPlaylist, it is true that most lower priced systems don't have the capability to handle broadcast operations - traffic, scheduling, voicetracking, satellite switching etc.

November (2016) will be three years that SPL has been on our FM. It runs with no issues, has never shut down, and has run continuously around the clock (we have done a maintenance reboot three times).

A shutdown of a playout system for a FM broadcaster means a loss of ad dollars. With SPL we have never needed to worry about that!"

Damon Collins, 96.3/100.5 WLYB FM, Demopolis, Alabama / Meridian, Mississippi (photo above)

"I have just purchased StationPlaylist Studio so that I can be a party DJ, and it is really a wonderful product.  All of the key strokes make it one of the easiest programs for the blind and visually impaired that I have ever worked with, bar none.
I will be recommending it to anyone who is interested in broadcasting or being a party DJ.
Jay Dailey
"CIS-WEB Radio looked into many playlist software from the highest priced to shareware and freeware, there isn't one that compares to StationPlaylist ease of use and have yet to find a problem with reliability. We use your products for both automation and programming our live shows. The time saved in programming alone allowed us the time to branch out into live broadcasts and hit weekends, we are in less than a year ready to upgrade.  We have since recommended your products to a number of stations ."
Dave Parks, CIS-WEB Radio
"From my experience as a professional broadcaster with experience with Arrakis Systems, the fomer Scott System (now Wide Orbit, I believe) and iMediatouch, the SPL Suite is tremendous value for the money. I would put this software on the air at any station, in any market in a heartbeat. Its suite of features rivals many platforms used in the broadcast industry that can run tens of thousands of dollars. I also have experience with freeware and have been burned after spending weeks setting up song cards and other parameters indigenous to the software, only to have the software fail, at which point I had to start over, from scratch.

I researched the industry carefully when I was looking for software to purchase and SPL won hands down, at least for me. Not only have I not been disappointed, but I am discovering feature sets that other platforms costing $10K or more, don't do. Improvements are ongoing and with other platforms well, good luck communicating with the developer. SPL is outstanding and extremely affordable. Just my two cents. "
Gordon Gibb,

"By the way, please allow me to tell you how pleased we are with StationPlaylist. I've been in commercial radio here in the states for almost 40 years and I am amazed at how well SPL runs our station in Russell's Point. StationPlaylist has made our station sound so professional, people can't tell we're about an 8 person group of volunteers.  Listeners favorably compare our station's sound with that of stations in two large nearby radio markets.

I have been able to set up SPL so that I can literally run the radio station from my home studio 65 miles away adding updated weather, civic, and news information at any time. StationPlaylist can work in virtually any radio a cost far less than one would expect.

StationPlaylist really does rival the majority of the so-called "professional radio software" packages sold by the big names. They want 5 figures for their do it all for about $400 bucks. It's a great program and even my colleagues at the commercial stations I work for are impressed...

You can't know how impressed I am with your product. "
Kevin Fodor, WRPO-LP, Gray Fox Broadcasting, Russell's Point, Ohio

After using StationPlaylist products for 15 years, it was only natural to come back again for our latest project. The tools included with StationPlaylist were ideal for what we needed to do in bringing LASER558 back from the dead. Working from only off-air recordings that were almost 40 years old, we were able to use the superb voice-tracking features, Song Intro/Outro, Voice Intro/Outro, and the automation Player Reductions to recreate the legendary pirate radio station that changed broadcasting in the UK forever. By extracting the voices of the original DJs 40 years ago, we could use these as voice tracks to mix in with newer versions of the music to recreate the station. The Time Announcement feature works especially well with the old DJs, meaning the station sounds as live now as it did 40 years ago.
Steve Bannister,, UK/Europe
"As a 60 yr old veteran broadcaster (actually on the air 22 yrs) and AM/FM/TV engineer, I've literally used every automation system that has been invented since the "carousel" system. Every time I spend a few minutes with StationPlaylist PRO, I am amazed at how versatile these programs are and how really easy to use they've become. After experimenting with id/time/temperature announcements, I've actually gotten great feedback by running them all back to back on the hour. I'd recommend this product to anyone, anytime. And, thank-you for the tech support time you've spent with us on these projects. We haven't really needed very much, but you guys are always there rather quickly when we ask. Thanks Again. "
Emery Waters, MS, KDAV AM, Lubbock, TX

"Just a short word as feedback on StationPlaylist Studio and Creator, which we have been using at full capacity the past month.
After months of getting our system and music folders in order, and after several weeks of test runs, we are now using your software as it was intended - and suffice to say, I am VERY impressed.

I find Creator easy to use, cleverly designed and well thought out. Our night music have been running without a single glitch (each night now for a week) and playlists for other slots during the day are created and used with equal success. Your software takes a huge burden from any presenter's shoulders as it literally takes the aches and stress out of planning playlists on-the-go. And your software really, really WORKS!

Compliments on creating brilliant, user-friendly and professional software! I do not want to use anything else.  My best wishes. .."
Mariska Rabie, Music compiler and presenter,
Rippel 90.5 FM , Pretoria, South Africa.
(photo above)

"Thank you again for everything. We have five terrestrial stations powered by StationPlaylist, with plans to add a sixth by year end, and I couldn't be happier with functionality, reliability, and performance. You are amazing. "
Lee Perryman,, Sylacauga, Alabama

"First of all, I want to thank you for creating an excellent product. It is extremely stable. Basically, we boot the Windows 2008 Server a couple of times a year, start up a couple of supporting applications, and StationPlaylist just runs and runs and runs...

Secondly, thank you [again] for creating such an intelligent, useful product for our purposes. Even Redmond loves it, apparently, because Radio Newark was made the Editor's Pick by Microsoft last week! Our logo was first on the list at Windows Media Guide. Up there with the Big Boys -- amazing! You were part of that award -- I am very grateful for all that you've done to help the community broadcasting effort. Really, StationPlaylist is a GREAT piece of software. Thanks again for your brilliant products and superb support
Stephen Worden, Station Manager, Radio Newark
"In my old job at a big radio station 1995-2001, I worked with the Dalet automation which cost around $150,000.  Studio is now more stable than that very expensive system ever was!! And I am sure the listeners cannot hear any difference! "
Henrik Lyk,
Vendsyssel FM, Frederikshavn, Denmark
"We are using a lot of the bells & whistles - including live streams that we produce from remote locations that are automatically decoded by SP and put on the air live.  When our play-by-play guy gets to the event, he starts streaming. Then at a certain time (after a song fades) it joins him at the event. He plays all the commercials and programming elements on location. After finishing the broadcast he simply stops the encoder - which tells the automation back at the station to start playing. All done with no one in the building!
We're also using the line input to take satellite programming at certain times and play it as well. SP works perfectly!
Tony St. James, 106.1 Flip FM &
Paramount Broadcasting , Floydada, Texas
"...can I just say that I'm impressed beyond belief with your product. Speaking as a former RCS user and trainer, the results are very comparable whilst the costs are not !!!!!"
Jon Maxfield, Atlantis FM, Tenerife, Canary Islands
" Thank you so much.  You guys are awesome!!!!  StationPlaylist Creator & Studio does absolutely everything we were wanting it to do. Goodbye SAM Broadcaster, HELLO StationPlaylist !!!!!!!!
Thanks again for all your time and for answering my concerns in such a timely matter. That means a lot!
Casum , WXYXZ
"Also wanted to thank you for your efforts in this program. It is a fine piece of software with great ease of use. As a former radio programmer, I am well-versed with scheduling software such as RCS-Selector and PowerGold.  Your program has a lot to offer and is very user-friendly.  Look forward to much enjoyment from this! "
Travis Weger, Phoenix, AZ
"I've been in the PC hardware/software business for 20 plus years and just wanted to pass along that StationPlaylist has been the most stable, full featured software I've dealt with in any area.  It is a pleasure to use and I'm constantly amazed at what a great job it does with the automation of our station.  Not to mention, your support and follow-up can't be beat! Thanks for a *fantastic* automation system! "
Dave Lippard, appcomm, inc.
" Thank you!  If there is anyway I can help you guys spread the word about your product, please let me know!  Your tech-support is second to none!  The quality of the broadcast your product produces is simply amazing! "
Joe Vyzourek, KYVZ Radio, Atwood, Kansas
"Dear Station Playlist.  I have been involved in setting up the university radio station at the University of Canberra in Australia. Some members of my team wanted to use SAM Broadcaster as the station's music scheduler. I researched radio automation software, and decided to trial both SAM and StationPlaylist. After extensively testing both products, I have come to the comfortable conclusion that StationPlaylist is a far superior product. I am very impressed with its flexibility and the so many ways you can personalise its functions!  Pre-recording shows for UC's CUE FM will be a breeze, because of Station Playlist's Track Tool and the Voice Track Overlap functions.

My presenters here find it very easy to use. It's their preference for playing music - they're stopping to use their own CDs!   As well as convincing the university to buy StationPlaylist, I actually bought a copy myself, because I really like it. Thank you for creating such a fantastic radio product. "

Sam Hunt (President), CUE FM, University of Canberra, Australia.     (photo below)

" You know, I told a Virginia station owner the other day that the support you provide is amazing and unmatched. I bragged on Studio and Creator to the point where it really sounded like a sales pitch to me, and that wasn't even my goal. :) Honestly, I don't know how you have these two products do as much as they do. I am just in awe of your programming abilities. They are truly a gift to all of us. I mean, I listen to the playlists that Creator creates, and seriously think that there's got to be a human somewhere in this process, but there's just not. I can only imagine how the average listener must feel.

Anyway, just wanted to mention that to you. I hope others remind you often about how much you are appreciated for all of your awesome support and automation software. It would really be a disgrace to you if this was not done. "
Jonathan Milam, DJ, ACB Radio

"I want to tell you that, for the price, this is stunningly good software! :-) I've worked, as an engineer, in broadcasting for about 20 years now and I've seen a lot of automation. This is a good product and it rivals in many ways what the big packages do. "
Mark R. Foreman
"I must say that I'm absolutely amazed at what this will do - I'm a radio anorak but a computer idiot, however I managed to have your demo up & running on Sunday.  Your system will enable our new community radio station to operate unattended whilst I carry on with the day job.  An excellent piece of kit."
Jim Salmon, Chelmsford Calling, Chelmsford, England.
"BTW I have to tell you. When I was first looking at automation software I looked at a product that the broadcast giant Clear Channel uses here in the USA called RCS NexGen. I had some exposure to it since my show first aired on a Clear Channel property in Louisville Kentucky. I was told by engineers that is was the best automation software on the market. I don't know that to be an accurate statement but I figured if ClearChannel used it, it must be a good product. In fact ClearChannel ended up buying the software manufacturer since they have the system in every market LOL.

So I looked at buying NexGen. It was $8000 for the basic package of modules and upgrades from there. When I found SPL I figured "Ok I'll buy this for now and some day grow into a product like NexGen" because I ASSUMED that, based upon price, SPL was a simple entry level product lacking in features.

Now that I've been getting into the software more I realize that SPL is far from entry level. Its robust, well thought out and very dependable. In fact I've been streaming with it for well over a year and never had to reboot the software due to a SPL originated glitch. That says a lot to me when you think about the windows operating system's reliability.

You have a great product. I just wanted to let you know. And I appreciate the support you've given and the periodic updates
Regards, Carl Lanore,

(posted to user discussion group)..." Let me put my endorsement on this product as well!
I have been using StationPlaylist Creator Pro and Studio Pro for several months and it has not failed, locked up, or stopped once!
Using Creator Pro, I setup the categories, spots and rotations ONE TIME and now I prepare an entire week's worth of broadcasting in less than 15 minutes without flaw. The Studio Pro software is intuitive and a breeze to operate.

Although I have not experienced any problems, I read the support group mail each day and have learned much about the software from the discussions taking place here. The support and user-experience of this software is phenomenal.

Bottom line: the combination of Creator and Studio has performed exactly as advertised.  Thanks!!!"
LT Dan Hall, United States Navy

(posted to user discussion group)... " I did an extensive search for software before deciding on StationPlaylist and did full evaluations on a few.  While other higher-priced systems can have the edge on certain features, they generally rely on the station having either full-time announcers for live or voice-track work and a PD spending his/her time tweaking the format to the nth degree.

The beauty, in my opinion, of StationPlaylist is the ability to use a combination of a few specific voice-tracks backed up with intros, outros and time-calls that makes the station sound virtually as if it were a full live operation (when automated).  No other software, at any price, allows that level of programming so simply.

So, StationPlaylist does a terrific job for its intended market and as for support .... well, a couple of days ago I asked support to look at a slight modification to the outro function with the possibility of adding it to the "To Do" list at some time in the future.  It wasn't.   Two days later the mod was sent to me to try and, after a further change to improve things, I now have it on air. Tell me anywhere else where that level of support is available, again at any cost."
Chris Jeremy,
Easy FM 87.6, Port Broughton, South Australia

(posted to user discussion group)... "I just wanted to say a word of thanks to the folks who built this software. I spent months playing with different products and finally settled on StationPlaylist. The thing just plain works. I've had no crashes or any other difficulties. The software is easy to learn and simple to maintain. Rarely do I have this much praise for any product, but you guys did good. Keep it up!
Regards, Don Flowers, Copperhead Radio
P.S. This is not a paid endorsement. I'm just in a good mood
J "

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I am now a devoted fan of StationPlaylist.  We're still in the process of building our internet radio station at the broadcasting school.  Since that time, I have become involved with a Low-Powered community FM station at Russell's Point, Ohio (WRPO).  The station had decided to switch to an "oldies" format, and after trying to make Web Jockey work with the format for about 2 and a half days, I realized the program was just not flexible enough to do the job involved in a high energy CHR sounding "fun" oldies/classic hits station.

So, I took the school's computer up and demonstrated StationPlaylist to him, and it took me about 15 minutes to convince him to buy the program. I went straight home with the radio station's new studio computer, purchased and downloaded StationPlaylist. I already had my music library converted to MP3 and sorted by rotation into separate computer folders, had all of the jingles, sweepers, underwriting announcements, PSA's and ID's in their own folders. It took me a total of, about 90 minutes from the time I downloaded and unlocked the programs to load everything, set up format clocks and spot schedules. I can schedule an entire week of programming in about 20 seconds.

We launched the station about a week ago, and what a difference! With StationPlaylist, transitions between events are smooth and professional sounding, live assist and computer operation is simple to learn and to teach.  Everyone is impressed with your product. I'd compare the sound that comes out of Station Playlist with any commercial radio station in the U.S.!

By the way, the Russell's Point station also operates a 100 Watt Class A station at a nearby High School in Degraff, Ohio. They are going to be looking for funds to switch to StationPlaylist this coming school year.

I even had the WRPO computer here in our radio station programming office here in Dayton, Ohio, showed it off to our Operation’s Manager and Chief Engineer... both marvelled at how well your program works. As broadcasters who are used to the 5-figured costs of the so-called "professional" station software programs, seeing a program such as yours that runs as well as it does at the low-cost at which it's offered is truly impressive. "

Kevin M. Fodor (aka Jason Michaels),
Cox Radio/Dayton, International College Of Broadcasting, Dayton, Ohio

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love your software.!! KELS LP has been with you for a few years and great success.... our station is now number one in the Greeley area (140k)!!
Tune in to hear your hard work at work!  Thanks for an outstanding, extraordinary piece of radio magic. Great work.  I am very happy with it.
Brett Reese, Pirate 104.7 FM , Greeley, Colorado.
"With 18 years in broadcast radio, much of it setting up automated systems, including old tape-based ones, I can say with authority that your two packages integrate to create an extremely affordable, very professional sounding automation/live-assist system.  Money well spent. "
Dave Stewart, Smokin' Country 94.3 FM, Perry, Georgia
"Thanks for your impressive product.  I am a Master User on both Scott Studios and Prophet Systems NexGen, and find this to be most competitive with those two very sophisticated platforms. "
Alan Olson, KIIQ-FM, Limon, Colorado
"We are a full power FM in the USA and the system sounds great on the air, the crossfades are nice and tight, and StationPlaylist Creator has made it a snap to put new music into the library. I use StationPlaylist Studio 24 hours a day, and also for my morning live show, and it makes it very easy to do a show and gather and write news at the same time. "
Aaron Taffera, WZYY 106.9, Renovo, PA
"First off, as a VETERAN broadcaster I want to tell you just how much this combination of Creator and Studio has blown me away. I've been in the "Biz" for...well let's say over 35 years. I was in high school and on the radio in San Francisco. You get the idea.
  Oh, played a portion of a program consisting of jingles and music only to a broadcasting friend of mine in Seattle and he said what I thought previously. "I couldn't segue like that!". Take my word, coming from this guy who produced the #1 Top-40 show in San Francisco in the 70's (Dr. Don Rose) is a real quite a statement about your software.
  I found the perfect settings for the crossfade point. It's a HIT!
Steve Newman, Alabama.
"Hello: AMAZING SOFTWARE!!!!  The tightest I've worked with and I have worked with many software over the years including Maestro, Scot, and Oplog."
Mike Devine
"We have been using Creator and Studio for over 4 years now and I must say that n all my three decades of working with software vendors in all kinds of applications StationPlaylist holds our highest rating for excellence, and something that just really works great, plus unsurpassed system support and openness to customer suggestions and participation. Bravo!"
Nancy Lorenz,
"I am so happy with StationPlaylist. Not only is it a great system but support is fantastic. Any problem I've had has been address right away. I just go to the Yahoo group and search the past messages. Most any situation is addressed there. Not just a solution to the problem but options to the solution. With so many users contributing it couldn't be better. I really never found a problem with the system it was just me learning how to use it. I hadn't been in radio since the 70's so it took a while to catch up with technology. Thanks for a great product. "
Ben Foy, Ben-Bandit Productions, Statesville, NC
"I wanted to write you a note and tell you that your software is an awesome undiscovered tool. You are affordable for radio stations and I thank GOD I found it every day. The others don't even compete with you. "
Cory Daniels (President), SoundtraX Express, USA
"I was quite sceptical in moving from OtsAV to StationPlaylist.  After spending a few weeks getting things prepared (I wanted to go slow), plus with help from fellow SPL users, I finally went "live" this past Monday - still very sceptical.  Since going live, I am very surprised at how well SPL is functioning, and my scepticism has now dissipated.

I am very pleased with the software and wanted to drop a word of thanks for creating a fabulous piece of software.  Kudos to you and your staff for releasing a top notch program.  Again, many thanks! "
Lousi Rivera, Bigloo Christian Radio , Cincinnati, OH

(posted to user discussion group)... "Both StationPlaylist Studio and Creator are amazing. The Customer Service from SPL has been exemplary and timely.  I've been able to get my station up and running with minimal effort because of the help from SPL and the rest of this group.

I just cannot believe how nice this software is... and it works!  I can make changes to my line up, create new playlists, add files and it doesn't seem to miss a beat.  Thanks for offering such an amazing piece of work for such a reasonable price... considering the big guys.
J "

"I've been using StationPlaylist for a few months now and I'm so impressed that I just had to share my thoughts.  All I can say is... WOW!  The best thing is that you do not necessarily need to be a broadcaster to use this software. You can even use it as a DJ!  Even when I have those house parties and want uninterrupted mixed music, just compile a playlist and Station Studio Playlist will take care of the rest.  I'm so surprised with the results.  The output is extremely professional and there is a smooth crossfade between songs.  As a DJ, I can simply put the software on "Automate" and the music will flow uninterruptedly until I want it to stop.  I can proudly say that the software has not given me any problems whatsoever.  It never ever stopped, crashed or froze like other software tends to do.  This is simply the best solution for automation software.  After using the 30 day trial of this software, I just had to have it. Well done guys- This surely is the best software around,ever!!! "
Eon Engelbrecht, South-Africa, Knysna
"Many Thanks for the very prompt reply.
Just wanted to pay compliment the latest software.  Port Stephens FM, the community station I currently provide my services to were initially very dubious about going for something new (having relied on DJ2000 for some years), however - having placed my 'neck on the line' and encouraged them to commit to Studio and Creator Pro they are now hooked. We used an automated playlist to augment live programmes over the festive period and it all worked 'fine and beaut'. Indeed, the output sounds much more refined and professional. Even the doubters have commented favourably. I cannot recommend your product highly enough - hence why I have bought my own version of Studio Pro. Having used software programmes such as 'Genesys' on a large scale ILR station in the UK in the past, I really feel that Studio and Creator combine to provide a far better product overall - particularly at the price!
Many Thanks....Neil White.
Port Stephens FM , NSW, Australia.
"We have been using your software since 2003 and it is bullet-proof.  We operate three facilities (two AM stations and an internet network station) using seven computers networked to a Raid 5 array server.  We really put Stationplaylist to the test here! WBDH uses all of the software options used in Studio and Creator, such as timed announcements, tons of rotations, full voice tracking of all three facilities, html transfer, and more.  This automation software keeps right on chuggin' In fact an earlier version of Studio was running flawlessly for over 5,000 hours before it was shut down for a system defrag- which it didn't need anyway.

I have seen $30,000 automation systems crash regularly. I have seen the dirt cheap ones do the same. I'll be very honest - I never saw Stationplaylist go down. There's a lot of things over here to be concerned with but the automation system isn't one of them.
Brian Hughes, WBDH Radio , Chesapeake, Virginia
"Many thanks again for all your conscientious and prompt support.
A station manager of one of the competing outfits here in SE Spain came by the other day and went away sick as a parrot after realising how much he'd paid for his Scott Studios package 2 years ago, compared with the way your kit works seamlessly day after day on domestic-grade self-assembled machines....
You really have created the most amazing piece of kit, you know !"

Alan Sykes,
Cool FM, Mojácar, Spain.
"We at would like to thank you at StationPlaylist for all your help getting our new station on the air with your excellent software.
The prompt response with a deep inside knowledge of all aspects of your own products and the 3rd party items have helped us smoothly convert from the software we were using previously.

Our former system took ages to get detailed information even when we were on the same time zone. It also did not offer us the flexibility your product offers. Also the documentation and help files are superb and the practical tips in them are so useful.
Thanks once again for great support for a great product.
Tony Harding,

" We recently purchased your combo package of StationPlaylist Creator Standard & StationPlaylist Studio.  We were thrilled with it's performance and were pleased with the enhancement it provided our low power FM operation.  We were able to finally go to 24 hours a day.  I can't tell you how gratifying it was to hear us sound so professional. "
Wolfgang, EdgeRadio 106.7, Kingsville, Ohio
"We have been using Creator and Studio for over 4 years now and I must say that n all my three decades of working with software vendors in all kinds of applications StationPlaylist holds our highest rating for excellence, and something that just really works great, plus unsurpassed system support and openness to customer suggestions and participation. Bravo!"
Nancy Lorenz,
"I think your program is great (Creator & Studio) . Most programs are setup for stations that only play music and ads. I am using the spots for my (talk) programmes and this is working out fine.  I have looked at several programs and this fits my needs best. I'll be informing my friends at other Christian stations about this program.
Your price is also very low for the quality of the program. I paid three times this much for my last program but it didn't do the job nearly as well as this one.
Dave Arthurs, V6AF
104.1 FM , Pohnpei, Micronesia

"Hi All.  I've been a user of StationPlaylist Creator for a while, and after reading all the (discussion group) posts about how great Studio was, I decided to download the trial version and give it a run.  I am amazed!  I've used other automation / streaming products on my webcast, and I've got to say, Studio is simply awesome.  Over the last year I've used (and paid a lot for) DRS2006 and SAM, and Studio out performs both of them in ease of use and feature set.

Some of you may know that I work in radio for my "real" job as an Operations Manager for 4 radio stations, and we use RCS Selector for scheduling and Prophet NexGen for playout. In comparing the SPL suite of software to what I use at work every day, you have developed an outstanding package.  I'll be buying Studio Pro in the next few days and I can't wait to rebuild my web station with all the new features that you've incorporated in this release (v2.0).  Bravo! "
Rob Walker, Q105 Radio, Novi, Michigan

(posted to user discussion group)... "I have gone from the reel to reel days, to the Gates jukebox, to the Shaefer and IGM systems, to the Instacarts and Carousels, to the early versions of RDS... etc... and believe me folks,
Studio gives all of us a product and personal service not matched by ANY of the major vendors.

I've had my share of things in SPL that did not work the way I wanted them to, or thought they should...but guess what... a few mentions to the crew...  and new features kept getting added to Studio.   Many of us proudly started as alpha testers ... and with each build... Studio just got better.   It has been with a feeling of pride that I have watched this product really develop, and I know it will keep on doing that.

It will never be all each of us want it to be... but believe me, you'll never get the attention from tech support from most other company's like we get from the creators of our CREATOR AND STUDIO.

As General Manager and Owner, I have signed the checks for many systems over the years.... And I have close to a dozen proposals on my desk right now....So I do know what $$ are being charged for less capable ways of making a radio station sound great. "
Cal Zethmayr, WAAZ & WJSB, Crestview, Florida.

(posted to user discussion group)... "I know most of the posts on the board are technical and troubleshooting questions, but I gotta say the more and more I use SPL the more I've got to say it is the best automation system on the market. It is easy to use, saves a lot of time when voice tracking and more.  I sampled other systems and when their reps contact me I tell them - I already have the best system, SPL. "
Damon Collins, Alabama.

"I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with the StationPlaylist software we installed at Veronica-FM.  We've been using it for about four months now, and it has been flawless.  I am blown away by the features.  I've worked with Enco, Scott Studios, and Prophet Systems over the past ten years and StationPlaylist does pretty much everything I've been able to do with them...and at a fraction of the cost.  It is also much more user friendly than a lot of the systems I've installed and used.  Thanks! "
René F. Tetro, General Manager,
Veronica-FM , West Point, PA, USA.
"And I need to comment... I think the StationPlaylist solution to streaming web radio is the most practical, straightforward and cost-effective around. I purchased the original DRS-2006 Pro back in 2001 as they were promising a 'soon to be released' upgrade to Enterprise Version 3.0.... almost seven years later... we are still waiting. I also purchased the Spacial Audio Sam Broadcaster 4 but found it to be no better.. and far less user-friendly than StationPlaylist. "
Mike Wengert, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

"Dear Sirs,  First let me say that you have the GREATEST Automation product on the market!  I own about 4 of the best packages on the market and yours is by far the most reliable!  Not the "prettiest J " but what a powerhouse!   The only regret I have is that I did not find yours first and save all of that money for software that just sits on the hard drive J Keep up the great work!  Its a GREAT product. "
JD, More Oldies Radio, Moses Lake, WA

" I am a dedicated broadcaster. I have been in the Radio/DJ business since 1969.  When you consider features, price, ease of use and reliability, I haven't been able to find anything that can compete with Stationplaylist Creator and Studio.

I started 8 years ago with MegaMix '98. It was one of the first broadcast automation programs. The least expensive version of MegaMix (Standard) now sells for $1,200. To broadcast on the Internet you would need the Enterprise version, which sells for $3,800. That's more than I can afford.

Over the years, I had gone through OTS, SAM and DRS2006 before I discovered Stationplaylist Creator & Studio. I have finally found a program that meets ALL my needs AND that I could afford.

Reliability is of the utmost importance and I have had my Internet radio station running for over 2400 hours without intervention ".
Mr. Mic, Colorado Springs, CO.

"Your software has really helped out my blog in getting into the world of podcasting, and internet radio, it is incredibly user friendly and easy to program. We already have our first advertisers and it has only been a few months thank you! "
Sincerely, Alex Borsody,
" It's great when the programmers are so accessible and flexible to software.  I've been an engineer in Australia with Austereo, ARN (TRN in NZ), and DMG, using Wizard, NexGen, DCS & Maestro, and each has its strengths and weaknesses, but yours is by far just as flexible, if not more than those costing $30k per machine.  Keep up the good work. "
Adam Barnes, Technical Consultant, Audio Pixel, Australia.
"Thank you, you've been awesome and I'm VERY pleased with your software.
This blows SAM Broadcaster out of the water a billion times over!
DJ Sean,
WFTP Radio Network

" I have to say that I have beta tested for Microsoft...Bryce and Paint Shop Pro....and never have received the support and the answers to questions like I have seen and received with you and your products...T/Y for such great service.  If only everyone would take care of their customers the way that you do...Life would be a lot less stressful. "
Grant Lee

"I'll also just take this opportunity to say 'well done' for producing such a great piece of software.  Our station runs on a very tight budget, and your software has made generating playlists really easy.  You really should congratulate yourselves.  StationPlaylist manages to do everything we need yet still remains very easy to use. "
David Laine, Offshore Music Radio , UK.
"After using some of the "big boy" systems over the last 5 years, we needed a good, reliable and flexible automation system for a new internet radio venture.  After looking at StationPlaylist Studio + Creator, we took the plunge and haven't looked back.  The system has proved very reliable, the song intro overlap feature is sounding very slick, not to mention the powerful scheduling and playlist options in Creator.  We also like the fact that Winamp plugins are supported, allowing us to save money on expensive audio processing! The system is quite happy to sit there day-in, day-out with little effort on our part.  Regards, "
Charlie Davy, UK Online Radio Network, United Kingdom
"I wanted to make sure I compliment your product.  I have found Studio to be exactly what I need to broadcast 24 hours a day, fully automated.  The mixes are nice and tight, the interface is concise, and easy to use in manual mode as well.  Combined with Creator, this package is just as good, and even better than many systems that cost considerably more.  Thank you for making Pirate Radio sound so good! "
"Wildman", Pirate Radio
" I wanted to just send you a quick message thanking you for developing such an accessible automation package.  Unfortunately, I didn't know about your products 4 years ago when our reading service purchased AudioVault, or we could've saved thousands of dollars on software and headache medicine. :)
I also wanted to thank you for being so willing to answer questions from new users like myself.  In a lot of cases, developers put a software program out there, and do not take any further interest in actually considering suggestions from customers, much less answering all questions about the product.  Jonathan Mosen commended you on these characteristics in his review of Studio, and I couldn't agree more with him.  Finally, thank you for developing a truly accessible automation software that can be used by blind people.

I really don't know how you put so much in to this product, but I'm glad you did, and considering the accessibility of the software, and the first-class support, the price was truly worth it.  Keep up the outstanding work, and I look forward to V3.0.
Jonathan Milam
"Everything now is working perfectly!  Thank you for all of your help, you have demonstrated to me that you stand behind your product and if the opportunity ever comes, I will recommend StationPlaylist to others who may be interested in internet radio.
The station is going online today, two days early.  The station sounds so professional, thank you for making such great software.
David Weber, Glorious Gospel Radio
"Also, I just want to say how great your program is. It's not glossy like some of the big name automation programs, but it doesn't have to be!  It's simple to use, it is fast and most importantly, it sounds very professional. "
David, 105.1 Rhema FM Wide Bay, Pialba, QLD, Australia
"Last week, I got a call from one of our listeners who was very concerned. She said I should get out more and sleep more because I seem to be announcing at all hours. When I told her that this was in fact due to a very clever software package, she simply didn't believe me!

But it is in fact all due to StationPlaylist Creator and Studio.  It's taken quite an investment of time to record all the time checks for every minute of the day, and then do song intros and outros.  But the investment is paying itself back in terms of listener loyalty.  And although I run a low power FM station now, I've worked in commercial radio in the past and know that StationPlaylist offers remarkable functionality.

The amazing voice tracking facilities allow us to do a daily breakfast show, and taking a laptop to a remote location, we can even do remote broadcasts, uploading the voice tracks afterwards. It's just terrific.

But features are only one part of the equation. I can honestly say I have never experienced such courteous, timely support as I have with this software.
Jonathan Mozen, Director ACB Radio, and Station Manager The Wave, Christchurch, New Zealand.

" Thanks for V3 - absolutely fantastic!  Since commencing our broadcasts with StationPlaylist we have seen our audience go up from 17000 to 35000+ and we really feel that your Creator and Studio software has played a big part in this growth. It's a breeze for most presenters and the latest changes have made it unbeatable.  In terms of cost/benefit there is nothing to touch it in my book. AND we're not even using all of the functions. "
Steve Price ARFM, UK
"Its a very impressive piece of software that I will promote to any of our students who are thinking of setting up LPFM stations (always a couple each course!!).  Many Thanks again."
James Irwin, NZ Radio Training School, Auckland, New Zealand.

"I'm looking forward to getting this thing registered. I can't believe the system you have here for this amazing price! In all my years of radio I have never found one this simple to use, yet so damn powerful!! "

Ron Michaels, WXTB / WTBT , Tampa Bay, Florida.
"Dear Support.  I have been playing with Creator (& Studio) for about three months now and am starting to get a handle on some of the mystery and magic of it.  Let me share what our listeners say ... many calls come in and people drop by to tell us what a great mix we have ... I wish I could take credit for this, but I can not.  Creator does the job all by itself.  I only fiddle with a few of the choices to make sure we don't have Percy Faith orchestra followed by Twisted Sister ... occurring 10 minutes before the Sunday sermon segment of our broadcasts ... and I am seeing there are ways to control this in the rotation / category areas.

So bottom line is, I am really pleased with the process you have created here.  Not only is it easy to work with, it is a delight because somehow it creates an excellent listening wave of its own.  So carry on ... it is wonderful.  Moreover you make your self available to respond to questions and problems ... "
Station Manager, CJMP 90.1FM , Powell River, BC, Canada

"OH! MY! GOD!  This is simply amazing!  I just upgraded my version of Creator to Pro, and voice tracked a day. It works without a flaw! (And I'm Voice Tracking from a separate workstation, across a LAN).  This is the BEST feature EVER added to the software! My hat is off to have done a FANTASTIC job.
Thank you for another great addition to this already amazing software.
Rob Walker, Q105 Radio, Novi, Michigan
"We are broadcasting to the Diana, Princess of Wales hospital, and our listening figures have increased greatly due to how professional we all sound.  Thanks to every one at  Thank you. "
Colin Binns, Station Manager, Grimsby Hospital Radio , Lincolnshire, England
"Thank you again for your assistance!!!  Your program has been awesome!!! I have been able to produce and automate my new radio station that I have been working on to bring online for about 4 years now, and your software has been invaluable to me!!!  Thanks again for such and awesome program!!! "
Jim Black, Your HOT FM,
NL, Canada
" With StationPlaylist Creator, Blue Ears succeeded in becoming the most popular blues online station in Europe within 12 months. This is proof of what good automation software, a tight budget and the right enthusiasm is able to do. Now we are about ready for the next phase: to improve the station a step further with StationPlaylist Studio Pro. "
Hans van Achterberg, Blue Ears , Amsterdam
"When searching for the best and most affordable automation system for my station, StationPlaylist is clearly the best value and best performer. Customer service is excellent and any question asked is answered promptly. "
Scott Evans, Program Director,
"I am so excited about this program. I have been hand scheduling 6-8 hour shows and it is KILLING me. This has saved me so much time . I am looking foward to "fine tuning" the program and seeing what this baby can do! "
Jake Sommers,
JazzPlayerRadio & 104.9 The River, New Albany, Ohio.
"I feel the product is fantastic, very accessible for visually impaired people and the help and support are very friendly! "
Sean Farrow, ACB Radio
"First of all, I just wanted to send some FAN MAIL to let you know how awesome of a product Station Playlist is. Studio and Creator have been a god-send as we have developed our on-line broadcasting entity. It allows us to keep going on a daily basis! I appreciate the product that your team designed and continues to tweak. It's undoubtedly great stuff. "
Jeremy Starz, Radio Northwoods, Eagle River, Wisconsin
"Studio & Creator are excellent programs!! We've been using them on-the-air for about a month now.  Studio & Creator have improved our sound immensely.   Thanks for a great, easy-to-learn, and affordable automation software package!!  Keep up the good work! "
David Herman (Manager), KFBN-FM, Fargo, North Dakota, USA
"Thanks for the great assistance. Both Cherry and I are so happy with the performance of StationPlaylist. Before buying the software we were constantly at the computer programming daily songs. Since buying the software the station has been running 100% of the time in song selection with no problems. You have released us to focus on many others things. Great software and I will tell that to anyone in the world. Thanks again. "
Michael C. Shephard, World Gospel Outreach Radio, USA
"Thank you very much for the great programs StationPlaylist Creator & Studio. They have made the operation of our radio station so much better - and we now sound so much more professional. "
Station Manager, Radio Alpha 97.8 FM , Badplaas, South Africa
"Both Creator and Studio offer many of the features available on high end radio software at an affordable price.
They never crash and your e-mail support is excellent.
Paul Jenner, The Blaze, UK
"What a neat, functional but easy program to use.  I have used many in my 35 plus years of broadcasting and find yours really unique. "
Garry Osborn
"For the 'StationPlaylist Creator Pro' there is only one word: 'great'.  No sorry, there should be two words for describing the program: 'absolutely great'.  The software really saves me hours and hours I spend in the past without StationPlaylist Creator in making playlists.  I had a problem, solved it within a day.  I had a question, it was helpfully answered within hours. "
Nane Juergensen, , Germany
"I have been using StationPlaylist Creator now for nine months.  It has been more than beneficial to us at our station. StationPlaylist Creator transformed our station into something that I believe sounds professional. Thank you for your help, the regular updates, and for promptly answering my e-mails. It has been appreciated. "
Lindsay Shotton, True Light FM, New Zealand