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StationPlaylist Creator

Creator is our music and spot scheduling software.  It is used to design your station format using rotations of music categories and spot groups (jingles, ads, etc).

Rotations may be scheduled for specific hours of the day giving you full control over what types of music or programs are scheduled for different times of the day or days of the week.

Creator is capable of producing much more controlled and sophisticated scheduling than a basic random shuffle of your music.  Your listening audience will appreciate the difference.  Here are some examples of what is possible:

  • Prevent two or more fast (or slow) tempo songs from being scheduled consecutively, unless that is desired.
  • Schedule different genres of music at different times of the day, eg. slower songs in the evening, faster in the morning, Saturday night fast tempo party music.
  • Schedule a specialty show with a specific set of genres at a specific time every day or week.

Once the station format has been designed, Creator generates sophisticated playlists (logs) in seconds, every day or every week.

The playlists contain the list of tracks which will play in your  broadcast playback automation system.  StationPlaylist Studio is highly recommended for best compatibility with Creator's features.

Creator can also be used with free players such as Winamp or Windows Media Player for low budget automation using the StationPlaylist Scheduler utility included free with Creator.

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Creator Features

Creator comes in 2 editions.

Creator Pro ($299) supports an unlimited number of music categories and spot groups, voice tracking and advertisement (spot) summaries, advanced song separation rules, and all the features listed in the table below. Creator Pro works best with Studio Pro for a complete professional broadcasting solution.

Creator Standard ($159) supports a limited number of categories and spot groups and several advanced features are not included. It does not support voice tracking or advertisement (spot) summaries. Creator Standard works best with Studio Standard automation and live assist software.

The following table shows which features are supported by the 2 editions.


Standard Pro
 ● Maximum number of days a playlist may be generated in advance. 90 90
 ● Related Artist support.
Several artists may be treated as one artist as far as Artist Repeat Protection is concerned.  eg.
John Cougar, John Cougar Mellencamp, John Mellencamp.
Yes Yes
 ● Related Title support.
2 or more songs with the same tune but with a different title may be treated as one title as far as the Title Repeat Protection is concerned.  This is particularly useful for Christmas songs.
Yes Yes
 ● Advanced Playlist Editor (see below) Yes Yes
 ● Category Priorities.
Fast rotating categories, such as Top40, can be set to a High Priority. Tracks from these categories will be selected first to ensure less important tracks do not get in the way of selection due to separation rules.
Yes Yes
 ● Global separation rules to prevent too many tracks of the same genre, tempo, mood, energy, gender, or decade being played too close together. No Yes
 ● Track Rating Priority enables tracks with a poorer rating to be selected less often than other tracks. No Yes
 ● Recycle Category Tracks will take the songs used during one period of the day and recycle them in another period of the day, giving the impression of a larger music library. No Yes
 ● Linked Artists for scheduling 2 or more tracks by the same artist in the same hour for special purposes. May contain spots or jingles between the selected tracks. No Yes
 ● Last Track Bias attempts to select the last song in the hour to fit as close as possible with the remaining time. Can produce hours within a few seconds of 60 minutes. No Yes
 ● Voice Tracking System
Easily and quickly record and insert voice announcements into the playlist.  Voice tracking provides a way for a DJ to pre-record a show spanning several hours within a few minutes.

StationPlaylist Studio Pro supports playing voice tracks simultaneously with the outgoing song and/or incoming song to sound 100% live when completely automated/unattended.
No Yes
 ● Traffic log file import
Supports all major traffic/billing commercial scheduling software for advanced management of advertisements, including AdMaster, Natural Log, Radio Workflow, and Radio Traffic
No Yes
 ● Music log file import
Converts 3rd party music scheduler logs into the format
StationPlaylist Studio requires. Is being used with Music 1, PowerGold, RCS GSelector, Natural Music, etc.
No Yes
 ● Advertising (Spot) Summary
A summary of the advertising spots scheduled in the playlist is generated as a spreadsheet compatible file, which may also be printed.  This may be used for billing purposes.
No Yes
 ● Password protection
A master password may be applied to prevent all access to Creator.  A password may also be applied to protect against creating a playlist, and a 3rd password to limit who can edit playlists.
No Yes
 ● Generate personalized HTML playlists for your website or intranet.  Staff, remote voice tracking DJ's, and/or listeners can see what has played and is yet to play.  DJ's can see the selected songs for their shift wherever they are in the world. Yes Yes
 ● Maximum song categories (eg. music genres, tempos) 15 unlimited
 ● Maximum spot groups (ads, jingles, programs etc) 24 unlimited
 ● Maximum rotations (hourly templates of categories/spots) 12 unlimited
 ● Maximum schedules (daily templates of rotations used for each hour of each day) 7 unlimited
 ● Price in US Dollars
Download the trial edition here.
$159 $299

More Creator Features (all editions)

 ● User-definable playlist format This makes Creator compatible with most audio players from simple MP3 players through to sophisticated broadcast automation software.
 ● Song Separation This protects against the same song repeating within a specific time period.  Each category can override the system default setting.
 ● Artist Separation This protects against the same artist from repeating within a specific time period.  Each category can override the system default setting.
 ● Title Separation This protects against the same song title from repeating within a specific time period.  This is useful when you have the same song in your library recorded by different artists, such as Christmas songs.  Each category can override the system default setting.
 ● Album Separation This protects against songs from the same compilation album being played too close together.  This may be required for DMCA.
 ● Daypart Song Separation Prevents the same songs being selected around the same time of the day tomorrow or the next time the song is scheduled.
 ● Hourpart Song Separation Prevents the same songs being selected around the same time of the hour the next time the song is scheduled.
 ● Advanced Separation Other separation rules are available for Genre, Mood, Tempo, Decade, Year, Gender, and more.
 ● Date/Time Restrictions Individual songs or spots can be set to be only available for selection between specific hours of the day or days of the week, and only for specific days or months of the year.
 ● Automatic song Intro and Outro announcement support Pre-recorded song or artist introductions may be selected along with an associated song.  This helps your station sound live when unattended.  Intros may play simultaneously with the non-vocal beginning of the associated song (song ramp overlap) when using StationPlaylist Studio Pro.
 ● Track Linking Tracks may be linked to other tracks to appear before or after when it is selected for the playlist.  This makes it possible to have an entire classical works of individual tracks played together, or a specific spot/commercial to play before or after a specific song.
 ● Track Summary for song reporting A summary of the tracks scheduled in the playlist may be generated as a spreadsheet compatible file, which may also be printed.  Track details include Artist, Title, Album, Composer, CD catalog number, Record Label, and the number of times used.
 ● Time Checking The Time Checking feature ensures hourly playlists are never short, and are at least 60 minutes in duration.
 ● Schedule all major audio file formats Supports MP2, MP3, MP4, M4A, FLAC, WAV, OGG, OPUS, WMA, APE, & AIFF audio file formats.
 ● Schedule some video file formats Only supports MP4, AVI, MPEG, MPG, WMV, ASF video file formats.
 ● Schedule internet streams Internet streams may be scheduled, such as news feeds.  Requires StationPlaylist Studio for playback.
 ● Schedule Hour Markers & Break Notes These are non-audio items which may be inserted in the playlist.  Some broadcast playback systems can utilize these items to control various functions within the player, or simply provide reminder messages for the DJ.
 ● Schedule Timed Events Spots and Break Notes may be scheduled to occur at precise times, for use with compatible playback software such as StationPlaylist Studio.
 ● Easily add tracks to library Tracks do not need to be individually entered into a database.  This can saves an enormous amount of time adding new music to the library.  Simply copy new songs to a disk folder and Creator will utilize them next time a playlist is generated.
 ● Read existing file tags Creator can read existing file tags to establish artist, title and other track information, or it can use the filename where no tags are present.  Supported tags are ID3v2.3+ & v1, Ogg Vorbis, MP4/M4A, WMA, APE, and RIFF LIST/INFO chunk and the broadcast industry Cart Chunk for WAV files.
 ● Custom file tags Rather than using a cumbersome database which can easily become corrupted or lost, Creator utilizes a custom file tagging system to store information in each audio file, such as Artist, Title, Album, Year, Genre, Composer, Record Label, CD catalog number, schedule restrictions, last 18 scheduled times, and much more.
 ● Automatic Data Backup Copies all configuration data to a folder or another computer automatically.
 ● Very low maintenance Once the playlist format has been initially configured, Creator does not need any maintenance to generate playlists every day or week.  Only the addition or removal of advertisements and other spots may be required.
 ● Very easy to use and Fast! Every day or week, just click the Create Playlist button to generate a playlist in a matter of seconds.  This operation can be automated using StationPlaylist Studio or the included StationPlaylist Scheduler to provide 24/7 unattended automation indefinitely.
 ● 12 months free updates and email support All new releases major and minor, containing new features and any bug fixes, will be provided free for 12 months from the date of purchase.  After this period, an additional 12 months may be optionally purchased for just $39 every year.
We reply to all emails received and will promptly help with any problems.
 ● High Accessibility StationPlaylist strives to make our software as accessible as possible.  Visually impaired users will find all functions accessible via the keyboard.  Also, standard Windows controls are used for compatibility with screen readers.

Program Requirements

  • Windows XP or later, 32 or 64 bit (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, or 2003).
    Also works on Linux or Mac OS with WINE but not officially supported.
  • 20MB RAM available + roughly 3MB RAM for every 1000 audio files.
  • 10MB disk space available.
  • Optional soundcard for track previewing or voice tracking.

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Playlist Editor

The Playlist Editor is built into Creator Standard and Pro.  It provides a simple way to view, edit and print the playlist after playlists have been generated.  Features include:
  • Advanced search & replace functions.
  • Move, insert and delete tracks.
  • Insert new spots or songs at multiple positions (hours/days).
  • Drag & drop audio files from Windows Explorer.
  • Print playlists for specific days and hours.
  • Print track and spot summaries.

StationPlaylist Scheduler

StationPlaylist Scheduler is a small utility program included with all 3 editions of Creator.  This provides a low budget automation solution with free audio players such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, or RealOne Player.  Features include:
  • Schedule your playlists to start at exactly the right time every hour or every day.
    (Note: Some audio players may not support this feature.  Winamp v2 or v5 recommended).
  • Schedule new playlists to be created automatically.
  • A small system tray application requiring very little system resources.


Creator Screen Shots (v4)




Playlist Editor Screen Shot

StationPlaylist Scheduler Screen Shot

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