You are welcome to download the free trial versions of our software and try them for 30 days. Full help documentation is included with each package.  Studio requires a track scheduler, eg. Creator, to supply playlists for automation purposes.

Download both Creator and Studio below to trial our full suite.
Both are required for automation purposes.

Hey club DJ's - see the details below for configuring Studio for stand-alone use.

Note: The Trial editions cannot be unlocked.  Registered users should not install this software.

StationPlaylist Creator Trial Edition
Music/Spot Scheduler
StationPlaylist Studio Trial Edition
Live Assist/Automation

The trial edition of Creator has all functionality of the Pro edition, but has a limit on the number of categories, spot groups, rotations & schedules that may be created.

Playlist files may be created and used for broadcasting.  The schedule template and Related Artists are not permanently saved and simply need re-creating at every load.

The install package also includes StationPlaylist Scheduler   which will function continuously for 48 hours and then terminate, however, it may then be restarted.



The trial edition of Studio has all functionality of the Pro edition, however, it will terminate after 6 hours of continuous operation.  It may then be restarted for another 6 hours.

A popup dialog will also appear occasionally.

Download Creator v6.10 (12.9 MB)

Download Studio v6.10 (15.6 MB)


Getting Started with Creator and Studio

We realize learning new software can be frustrating, so we have tried to make this process as simple as possible.

An End User License Agreement will appear when loading each installation program. You need to agree to the terms before the software will install. Due to Google's stringent policies, we need to also link to an EULA.

The full documentation is included in the Help system of both applications. Also accessible on the Windows Start menu / StationPlaylist folder.

Both Creator and Studio include a Setup Wizard which will guide you through creating a simple configuration and should have you up & running in 5 or 10 minutes.

We then recommend working through Creator's Getting Started chapter to learn the concepts. This is a step by step detailed tutorial.

Also in the same chapter is a Simplified Tutorial. This is a 1 page list of instructions which will produce the same results as the Creator Setup Wizard.

There are also some user created video tutorials on YouTube.

We are happy to help you if you get stuck at any stage or have any questions or problems understanding the concepts.

Uninstallation: Uninstall the software from Windows Settings / Apps, or from the Windows Start menu / StationPlaylist folder.

Studio Playlist Demonstration

We have created a demonstration playlist to demonstrate some of Studio's features.  It includes voice tracks and several songs truncated to 30 seconds for legal reasons.  You are welcome to download and install the playlist.  The trial edition of Studio will detect the playlist and load it automatically.

The voice tracks in the playlist are not pre-mixed with any songs.  Voice track / song ramp overlapping is a feature of Studio Pro.

Download Demo Playlist (5.2 MB)


StationPlaylist Streamer Trial Edition

StationPlaylist Studio includes a stream encoder, however, Streamer is sometimes required.
Streamer is a stand-alone stream encoder program designed to take the audio from the soundcard, optionally pass it through a software compressor/limiter, and encode the audio to a stream in various/multiple formats for broadcasting on the internet.

Note 1: This software does not play or produce any audio.  StationPlaylist Creator and StationPlaylist Studio are designed for that purpose.  See the Product web page for more information.

Note 2: Windows 10 may require Microphone Privacy Settings configured before Streamer can record audio from the Line-In jack.

The trial edition of Streamer will terminate after 6 hours of continuous operation.  It may then be restarted for another 6 hours.

Download Streamer v6.10 (4.1 MB)


Remote Voice Tracker Trial Edition

Remote Voice Tracker is designed to record voice tracks from a remote location and automatically upload the voice tracks and modify the playlists back at the station.  VT Server is installed at the station, and the VT Editor is a free app the DJ installs.

Download VT Editor for Windows

A Wineskin version of VT Editor for Mac OS is available for Catalina (10.15.4) and later.

1. Unzip the .app file to the Applications folder.
2. Open Terminal, enter the following commands and press Enter.
xattr  -drs  /Applications/
3. Close Terminal. Right-click the .app and select Open, then select Run or Allow. This is only required once and then double-click will open in future.

VT Editor for Android is also available. This has limited features. It supports Automatic Overlapping only which requires songs are intro timed in the Track Tool before a voice track will overlap the next song.

See the Product web page for more information.

Creator must be installed and configured on the PC where the VT Server app is to be installed.

The trial edition of VT Server will terminate after 3 hours of continuous operation. It may then be restarted for another 3 hours.

Download VT Server v6.10 (1.3 MB)


Stand-alone Studio Configuration for club DJ's

Studio requires one particular option to be changed to work best in a stand-alone environment without a music scheduler.  After loading Studio, load the Options from the View menu.  On the Advanced tab, ensure the Hour Marker option is set to Ignore.  This will prevent Studio from forcing tracks to be played within a specific hour.